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Joe and Rita are the best. Phase II is a trucking company 1 in a million.
First, both are extremely knowledgeable and are on top of everything; always following up, always providing information before we ask.

We at Keen & Able (Vancouver) are more ocean freight oriented. And an ocean freight forwarder, we are extremely happy that Joe and Rita work directly with terminals getting updates on ERD, cut offs and ETA, not with steam shipping lines; getting updates from terminals, etc. Also, Rita and Joe show an initiative and provide great suggestions which helped us save on transportation costs for 2 of our customers. Also, due to their experience in the industry and connection, Rita and Joe happen to have connections with the warehouses we work with, therefore, they were able to suggest help coordinating deliveries / pick up to / from ocean terminals. Process goes smoothly.


Margarita @ Keen & Able Logistics (VCR)


Joe Maddux Sr and the Phase II Transportation team have been a pleasure to work with. We can always rely on them to complete our work orders on time, and their efficiency and attention to detail have made them a dependable company to take care of our trucking needs. We always look forward to speaking with the team at Phase II as they go above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction!

Peace Mission Group


My experience with Phase II has been extremely positive. Anytime I call Joe is quick to solve my logistics needs. He has even helped me solve issues on problems that were not loads that he could move for me. Providing advise on how to handle the problem in front of me. We have even refer to him as our hero on some recent nightmare container moves. I no longer dread container loads, knowing that I have Phase II to help me with them. Phase II and their staff are knowledgeable, courteous, and willing to help their clients get through the port maze.

Michele Drake-SSI Service


” I stay ahead of the game with Phase II Transportation. I give them delivery orders and move on to tackle next tasks without worry. They respond to my request, send me status and deliver. I remember when I couldn’t reach my customer due to some technical difficulties, Joe in dispatch already had a cell number of a different PIC of my customer and arranged the delivery timely. Great service ”

Ben Yamaguchi- Janel Group

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